Security Services


To provide customized, local and area security services of both physical and technology based capabilities as needed by the client.

Scope of Services:

Requests for services will result in mission specific proposals. These may include an electronic security system with cameras, a single contractor for access control, photo surveillance, security enhanced transportation of persons or materials, or a multiple "team" application based upon the client needs and budget. Contractors may provide individual contracted services in direct support, or a contract may be provided under LOC Security Services, a Lowcountry One Call company, in general support.

Security Contractors provided to meet the customized needs of the client will be properly licensed, certified and credentialed to ensure safety and legal compliance. This will include, as appropriate, SLED certified and concealed weapons permits. Details, capabilities, logistics, legalities and performance criteria will all be discussed in depth with the client and the contractors for each specific mission or project.

Services include:

  • Property Physical Security (observation and patrols) (armed or unarmed)
  • Surveillance (Static or mobile)
  • Complete facility electronic access control and surveillance with wireless monitoring
  • Executive Protection (static or mobile)
  • Special Function Control
  • Special Applications

LOC Security Services can be seen in more detail via it's website to be provided.
For contact and arrangements, please call John Walter at 843-327-6272 or email at


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